Solutions for Small-Space Living – Space Saving Furniture just published an awesome article with all sorts of creative and handy solutions for your small-space situation. Here are just a few of the 22 really interesting pieces that they are featuring. Check out the full piece on

SAIC’s Sling Nightstand is $249. Shop it at Cb2

A shelf from Sabi is $80. Shop it here.

IKEA’s PS 2014 Wall Shelf is $49.99. Buy it here.

Philippe Malouin’ Hanger Chair is $200. Shop it at Umbra Shift.

Cycloc’s Endo Bike Rack is $60. Shop it here.





Plant-In City’s Walnut Terrarium is $150. Shop it at Home Made.

Thing Industry’s Sacrificial Chair is $180. Shop it here.

Source: To Hell With Marie Kondo: 22 Solutions for Small-Space Living With All Your Beloved Stuff by Katherine Wisniewski