Parks & Rec: The 12 Essential Movies To See In The Parks This Summer

By AJ LaTrace


[photos by Don Harder, Marco_Polo and Bob Segal ]

It’s finally summer in Chicago, and we all know what that means: fireworks, festivals and movies in the parks. This season, the Chicago Park District has a full schedule of flicks to catch all over the city. There will literally be a movie playing in a park somewhere in Chicago almost every night this summer, so which films are the ones you should absolutely not miss? Well, there’s quite a few actually. Fortunately, if you miss a date, there’s a very likely chance that you will be able to catch the same movie again at another point, as many of the featured movies (particularly family flicks) will be replaying at different parks throughout the summer. However, after taking a look at the schedule, we have concluded that these are the 12 essential movies that you cannot miss.