New to Roscoe Village: Endgrain

Update: Endgrain is Open!

And delicious. We’ve enjoyed practically everything on the menu and can vouch for their yummy spins on American classics. I particularly love their fried chicken, flap steak and pork loan… and their biscuits are to die for! Crazy good. Their doughnuts (which is their claim to fame) are just ok, in my book.

We have had mixed reviews on service, though. During meals one and two, we obliged some kitchen mix ups- as they had just opened. The waiters were cheerfully excited for customers and apologetic regarding not being completely organized yet. That left us happy and eager to continue to support the local joint.

Then, we popped in once for doughnuts and coffee on a Saturday morning and it was as if the waiter was barely awake and annoyed with having clients. Seriously?

Meal three didn’t even happen, because we walked out. Yes, we walked out. The server was completely rude and acted as though she didn’t need our business, so we just got up and left.

After a few months of stewing, we decided to try it again. Decent service this time… but there is a certain air of indifference that hasn’t completely disappeared. I’d be curious about others experiences. I really want this restaurant to succeed as it brings value to the neighborhood and the food is good. But, they have some work to do to keep people coming back.

From December 6th:

Scott and I are so insanely anxious for this new eatery to open up, we can hardly stand it! Located only 2 short blocks from our house, we drive past slooooowwwllllyyyy to see if there are any signs of life or more importantly: OPEN signs!

Eater Chicago says:

“News about Roscoe Village’s forthcoming endgrain broke back in October and today Eater spoke with chef/owner Enoch Simpson (Girl & The Goat, Nightwood) to get more details on the restaurant, set to open in January at 1851 W. Addison.

Simpson said to expect simple American cuisine, like fried chicken sandwiches with smoked mashed potatoes and smoked trout biscuit sandwiches with Brussels sprouts slaw. The restaurant will serve food starting at 10 a.m., but morning commuters and the doughnut-obsessed can stop in earlier to snag breakfast fromEnoch’s Doughnuts. Simpson has been selling doughnuts under that moniker around town for nearly a year at pop-ups, events and Caffe Streets. Simpson plans to use endgrain as another avenue to sell his doughnuts.Simpson said that even though he comes from a fine dining background, he sees endgrain as a casual, approachable spot, what he calls “casual with the integrity of fine dining.” It doesn’t really matter what he calls it, as long as he keeps the fried chicken and doughnuts coming.

—Mindy Yahr Jaffe”