Curbed Maps: A Guide to 51 Neighborhood Murals You Must See Right Now

By AJ LaTrace


[A dozen of the murals featured on Mural Locator]

Public art and murals are a big part of neighborhood life in Chicago. Though some neighborhoods are better known for large sweeping murals than others, art can be spotted in every neighborhood throughout the city. Utilizing the database on the website Mural Locator, along with our knowledge of brand spankin’ new murals, we’ve pieced together this map of 51 neighborhood murals you really just need to go see right now. Use it as a guide to create a walking tour, or as a way to check out a neighborhood you’ve never been to before. Similar to classic and iconic signs, the city is full of art, and indeed art is truly everywhere. Let’s get started.

This post was authored by Amanda Beemer and AJ LaTrace